Tow Your Own's Equipment Rental

Beacon Truck Repair is renting the Model 20 Super Duty Wrecker at a rate of $250 per day.

Model 20 Super Duty Wrecker

Introducing the New Model 20 5th Wheel Towing Boom - the ultimate solution for
emergency towing service. With an impressive lifting capacity of 20,000 lbs and
pulling capacity of 40,000 lbs, this super-duty wrecker surpasses our Model 10 in
power. Its massive 12" X 12" boom effortlessly handles big vehicles like dump trucks, drilling rigs, and
large buses. Whether you need it for salvage operations, turning scrap into gold, or recovering fleets with
larger equipment, this unit is perfect. Plus, it's a great addition to any heavy-duty
wrecker service fleet. The Model 20 Deluxe includes an electric/hydraulic/remote
control, onboard battery system, and the innovative Backstop™ feature. Don't miss out on this
game-changing towing boom.

Features and Benefits

• Galvanized Finish will not rust
• Massive 1800lb Indestructible Steel Frame
• Hand Held Remote Control Included
• Hidden Motor Compartment protects the motor from damage
• Safe, stable towing with no side-to-side swaying.
• Air Brake Safety Assembly Included provides brakes to the towed vehicle
• Voted #1 for Safety and Stability

Introducing the Backstop™, now included as a standard feature across all models.

Introducing the Upgraded Draw Bar